Taormina and the famous Alcantara Gorge

Taormina and the famous Alcantara Gorge

Today it's time to explore the picturesque town of Taormina.

Today New Travel Services will take you directly from your hotel to discover Taormina, considered to be the capital of tourism in Sicily, and to Alcantara Gorges

Here, you will be able to have a walk at your leisure: thanks to the information that our drivers will give you on the journey, you will be free to explore this little “gem” of a town independently. Situated on a hill above Giardini Naxos, Taormina is a mixture of art, history, beauty, nature and elegance. The town has Greek and Roman origins, and about one thousand years ago it was declared the capital of the Normans by King Ruggero as its elevated position made it a secure stronghold against the attacks from the Moors coming from the sea.

You can walk for about a kilometer along the Corso Umberto,  the characteristic, traffic-free main road beginning and ending with 2 arches – Porta Catania and Porta Messina.

Visit the Odeon, the Corvaja Palace, the Greek theatre , still used today for concerts, the Belvedere square, which looks out over the Ionian sea, Naxos bay and Etna, the public gardens with their quaint little stonework buildings, created with passion in 1884 by an English noblewoman, the cathedral,  an impressive example of a church cum fortress, and the Duchi Santo Stefano Palace.
Taormina is also full of luxury boutiques, where you can find most designer brands and enjoy shopping without the stress of endless traffic.

After our visit to Taormina we will made our way to the splendid Alcantara Gorge, 15 kilometres away, where, within a steep canyon of lava rock the icy river flows in a torrent that is both frightening and fascinating at the same time.
The Gorge is a result of the meeting between freezing water, clay Stone and the lava flow from a long-ago eruption. The collusion of these 3 natural elements has created a spectacle of nature that attracts thousands of visitors every year.

Discover Taormina and Alcantara with New Travel Services.
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